The Complete Guide to SLATE

Director Action Clips

Here is a reference list of ActionClips that can be added in the Action Track of the Director Group, per their category.


Additive Scene

Additively loads a Unity scene within the current scene either temporary or permanently, with options to offset the scene objects, or sample the cutscenes that scene contains as well.

Sub Cutscene

SubCutscenes can be added within a cutscene. This clip wraps that cutscene within which can be sampled as normal by the master cutscene. Notice that if the sub-cutscene has any CameraTrack, it will temporarily be disabled for the duration of the sub-cutscene. Please read more about SubCutscene here.


Destroy Game Objects

Destroys the gameobjects specified in a list.

Disable Game Objects

Disables a list of game objects instantly if they are not already disabled.

Enable Game Objects

Enables a list of game objects instantly if they are not already enabled.

Instantiate Object

Instantiates an object reference in the scene, with the added option of making it smoothly pop up instead of simply appearing there.

Sample Particles System

Samples a Unity particle system, which will play along with the cutscene for its period of time.


Animate Ambient Lighting

Animate the ambient light color and intensity.

Animate Fog

Animate the global fog color and density.

Animate Gravity

Animate both the 3D and 2D physics gravity.

Animate Time Scale

Animate the global time scale for creating slow/fast motion effects.


Raise Unity Event

Allows you to call a method on a target object using the new Unity’s Event System.

Send Global Message

Sends a message to all actors of all groups of the cutscene as well as the Director Camera and the cutscene itself. Furthermore, the event OnGlobalMessageSend of the Cutscene is raised.

Send Global Message (T)

Same as Send Global Message above, but you can also send a value as well, chosen among boolean, float, integer, object, string.



Show captions text on-screen. Use for inaudible text.

Overlay Text

Show and animate text on-screen.

Overlay Texture

Show an image overlay on-screen.

Screen Fader

Smoothly fades the screen out to a color (usually black) and optionally back in again.


Debug Log

Simply logs a message in the console and that’s all about it.

Pause Cutscene

Pauses the cutscene. It’s then up to other systems to resume it though.

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