The Complete Guide to SLATE

Creating Custom ActionClips

Creating custom ActionClips if you so require is very easy. Following are a few steps to consider.


Here is the basic template for creating any type of ActorActionClip. The same applies to DirectorActionClip.

Some of the important inherited members include:

Animatable Parameters

Any field or property of the animation supported types, can be turned into an [AnimatableParameter] with a single attribute. Simply add the [AnimatableParameter] attribute on top of your field/property and it will be animatable that easy! As such you will get a mini DopeSheet on top of its clip, as well as animation curves in its inspector for those parameters and will be keyable. Here is an example of a clip that will log an animated float parameter “number”:

The [ShowTrajectory] Attribute

You can add [ShowTrajectory] attribute over any Vector3 [AnimatableParemeter] to have a motion path and 3D curve editor show in scene view for that parameter.

The [PositionHandle] Attribute

You can add [PositionHandle] attribute over any Vector3 [AnimatableParameter] to be able to adjust the value of that parameter in the scene view through a position gizmo/handle.

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