The Complete Guide to SLATE

Properties Track

NOTE: This Track is now Legacy. Please use the Animate Properties Clip which is possible to add on any Action Track. It does the same thing as this Properties Track by is far more flexible!


The Properties Track is the only track in which there are no AcionClips added, but instead works directly with Animation Curves, able to animate any property or field of supported type, on any component attached on the actor gameobject or within its whole transform hierarchy!


On the left side of the Properties Track, you are able to “Add Properties”, remove existing ones, or select which property to view animation curves for simply by selecting it. Furthermore, the editor of the current value of the selected animated property will show, through which you can quickly change, or key the value at the cutscene’s current time.

Animated Properties set, will also be auto-keyed if the cutscene is currently in preview and their property value has changed, as long as the target actor is selected in the scene or the Animation Curves are expanded like in the image above.

The animation supported types currently are:

  • Boolean
  • Float
  • Integer
  • Vector2
  • Vector3
  • Color

The DopeSheet

The Animation Properties Track works closely with the DopeSheet Editor, seen at the top even while the curves track is collapsed, which makes controlling animation keyframes much more manageable than always having to dive into the curve editor. Through the DopeSheet Editor alone, you are able to:

  • Move Keys.
  • Delete Keys.
  • Copy/Paste Keys.
  • Retime Keys.
  • Smooth Keys.
  • Set Keys Tangent Mode.



Trajectory Preview

Last but not least, certain properties like the position of the object can be previewed in the scene with a 3D Path so that there is less guesswork of what the object is actually doing in time!



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