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    Hi there,
    I’ve installed the newstest version of Slate and the LipSyncPro Extension under Unitsy 2017.3. The Lipsyn and animator tracks are played in editor mode straight away (LipSync Track is on top – else it wourld work). But in Play mode just the animator track is played, no movements of the mouth. Any hints?

    Best wishes



    right now i fixed it by playing the lipsync data asset from script side, but i have two audio files at the same time. one from lipsyn and the other one from slate. sure one could be muted also from script side, but i would prefer a non hacked version 😉




    I am sorry for the late reply.
    Hmmm. I just retried the LipSync integration and everything seems to work as normal (in play mode as well) at least with the sample characters that LipSync examples come with.
    Can you please confirm that these example characters also work for you?
    Could it be that you are controlling LipSync from some of your scripts at the same time that the Slate cutscene is playing in runtime? (Just a speculation).
    Finally, is it possible for your to please send me your character with a sample animation to check what else could be going wrong? (

    Let me know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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