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The Director Sections are a very helpful way of organizing your cutscenes into manageable time sections (scenes) of the story told within the cutscene, like for example “Intro”, “Fred is Driving”, “Car Crash”, “Hospital” and so on, which come in handy especially in long cutscenes. Apart from organization purposes in the editor, it is also possible to exclusively play a specific section of a cutscene in runtime, or make the cutscene skip to the next section.

To create a section, simply right click on top top section of the Director Group within the timeline.


The way that Sections help you organize cutscenes, is that when you are moving a section, by default all sections after it along with all clips after the section time, within all groups and all tracks will be time shifted, thus in effect allowing you to retime¬†your “scenes” easily or insert¬†space for new clips.


You can of course control a section’s time alone, which is done by holding down the Control key, or shift only the sections after and without the clips, which is done by holding down the Shift key.

You can insert a new section anywhere, by right clicking again at the time you want to insert the new section, as well as get a context menu for renaming the section or change it’s color to your liking.

Finally you can focus section by double clicking it, to quickly make the cutscene view time match the section’s time.

For playing a section in runtime please take a look at the Scripting section of the documentation.

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