The Complete Guide to SLATE

Mecanim Track

IMPORTANT: If you are using Unity 5.4, consider using the new Animator Track, which is able to playback clips directly!

The Mecanim Track works closely with the Animator Component which is required to be attached on the target actor, and is responsible for playing mecanim animations by setting the Animator Controller’s state directly, or setting one of it’s parameters.

The following clips can be added in the Mecanim Track:

  • CrossFade State will cross fade a specific named state over the clip’s length.
  • Set Bool Parameter will set a boolean parameter and then optionally reset it back to it’s original state.
  • Set Float Parameter will smoothly ease in and optionally out a float parameter.
  • Set Integer Parameter will smoothly ease in and optionally  out an integer parameter.
  • Set Layer Weight will smoothly ease in and optionally out a specific’s layer weight.
  • Set Trigger will set a trigger parameter.


TIP: In case that you do not need the parameter to be blended out to it’s original value, you can simply set the Blend Out property of the clip to zero (clamping the clip effect).

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