Your Guide to Using SLATE

Overriding Default UI

Various action clips display text or images on the screen, like for example Subtitles, Image Overlays, Fades, and so on. Slate comes with a GUI implementation made with UGUI which is packed in a prefab named “@DirectorGUI” (found in the root Slate folder). You can either use that prefab and customize the UI elements within it, or you can alternatively create your own GUI implementation from scratch (or based on the existing one).

To do so you basically need to subscribe to certain static events that are invoked and which are all found in the DirectorGUI class.

Each event is responsible for one specific GUI-related functionality. Please note that these events are all called on a per-frame basis (as long as a related clip is active). As a starting point on how to use these more specifically, please take a look at the existing GUI implementation script called “DirectorGUITemplate”.

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