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    To work around the stairs problem I reported in another thread, I tried setting up a Pathfind To action to go to the bottom of the stairs, and then add another action to the top of the stairs. However, it seems like this action can’t handle chaining pathfinds in the timeline’s preview, because the second action always searches from the current position of the character, not the one the character will be in when the action starts. While playing the animation, the second action shrinks in the timeline (since it will take a gradually shorter time to reach the destination) until it is run itself.

    These two issues make the Pathfind To action pretty much unusable when you have multiple heights in the scene :/




    I think I understand what you mean and it makes sense.
    I am thinking of adding another variation of the Pathfinding Action Clip, that will be using an absolute path from A to B (not using current position of actor, but rather a preset start/end position. Of course in this case, at the start of the Pathfinding action clip, the actor will snap it’s position to the starting point A.

    If you think that is something that will work for you too, just let me know and I can make and post this new clip for you here 🙂

    Let me know.




    <span style=”color: #323232; font-family: ‘Open Sans’; font-size: 12px; background-color: #fbfbfb;”>If you think that is something that will work for you too, just let me know and I can make and post this new clip for you here </span>

    Is this still an option?

    It would be extremely useful for my current setup. Currently I’m stuck doing ‘Follow Path’ with hand placed paths which is very time consuming.

    Additionally, if there was any way to smooth the generated path (so the character doesn’t turn corners so abruptly) this would add a lot of polish to the end result.





    Yes that is still an option 🙂
    I have just created and attached for you here this new clip “Pathfind From To” and which should work as expected.

    It is still not smooth, but that is something I will also take a look at (I agree it would be nice for rotation to be smooth).

    This clip will also exist in the next version, so nothing to worry about updating there 🙂

    Let me know if that works for you.


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    Thanks for the fast response!

    It’s working as expected. As far as ease-of-use goes, is there any way to easily set the Source of a ‘PathfindFromTo’ track as the Target of the previous Pathfind track?

    Also, anyway to ease/Slerp the rotation when jumping from the last ‘PathfindFromTo’ clip into the next ‘PathfindFromTo’ clip?

    Finally, is it possible to add a padding or offset amount onto the edge of the Navmesh? Essentially the character would stay X units away from the edge of the Navmesh. For some reference, I’ll explain my use case: I have two characters walking side-by-side having a conversation. When they round the first corner their paths merge and they overlap. Continuing on top of each other instead of separated. -maybe it would work best if the actors were aware of each other and able to avoid collision? I’m not sure.

    I hope to not be overwhelming -these are just the solutions I had considered. Thanks for the great support.

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