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    Hey there, I am getting the following error.


    [CompilerError] ‘CinemachineSlateCamera.IsLiveChild(ICinemachineCamera)’:
    no suitable method found to override
    Compiler Error at Assets/ParadoxNotion/SLATE Resources/Extensions/Cinemachine/CinemachineSlateCamera.cs:46 column 30
    44:   //public override ICinemachineCamera LiveChildOrSelf { get { return LiveChild; } }
    –>46:   public override bool IsLiveChild(ICinemachineCamera vcam)
    47:   {
    48:       return vcam == LiveChild



    Can you please update? It doesn’t work with Cinemachin anymore. I get bellow error.

    Assets\ParadoxNotion\SLATE Resources\Extensions\Cinemachine\CinemachineSlateCamera.cs(46,30): error CS0115: ‘CinemachineSlateCamera.IsLiveChild(ICinemachineCamera)’: no suitable method found to override




    So I think i found the solution to the problem. I changed the override to virtual, as well as the method it was trying to override. It is working well for me. I uploaded it here, as 1.041, following the naming convention. I made the mistake on 1.04, so don’t use that one.

    I am using Cinemachine 2.6.2 and Unity LTS 2019.4.9f1

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    Cinemachine Integration for Slate Sequencer

    Does not appear to work with Slate Render Utility.

    What rendering method does it work with?

    Will it work with Deckard Renderer?

    Willl it work with Unity Record?

    Please advise. Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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