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    Hi there, I have some questions/requests about path work.

    Maybe I missed few things in working with paths but :

    Is there a way to insert a point between exisiting points, or to change the order of existing points wich could be a workaround method ? If I miss to put a point once path is created, or I want to refine the path, it is very tedious to put a new one between existing ones.

    Can we select point in that way we can focus on it with the F shortcut?

    Can we have the xyz transform handles on point Handles (tangeant) to move them easily (not only in the view space wich is… not very convinient)?

    Animate OnPath: The LookAt feature permit only to look at a point in 3D space, can’t we have the same “Look Ahead” feature than FollowPath have wich is very usefull ? Animate the LookAt target is nice but pretty longer if I want the object to follow the curve orientation.

    FollowPath : Is it possible to choose wich axis is the “Look Ahead” ? For now, it seems that it is the -Z axis, but actors axis are not always oriented the right way. Choosing in X, Y, ZΒ  + the “invert” checkbox would be so great ! My workaround for now is to parent the bad-oriented-actor to a cube or an empty actor…

    Bonus request, Would it be possible to extract/create/convert a path from an existing EasyRoad or RAM object?

    By the way, I LOVE SLATE ! Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Olivier aka Spoutnix



    Hello there,

    Please let me address your questions/requests πŸ™‚

    – To add a new point in the path, you can do so by right click an existing point and selecting “Add Point After” or “Add Point Before”.

    – Unfortunately no, the F (focus) does not work for path points selected (at least now).

    – If you mean for the point tangent handles (the circles), then yes, I can add xyz gizmos to those as well πŸ™‚

    – I could add an option to look ahead in the “Animate On Path” clip, but in this case isn’t it better to use the existing “Follow Path” clip which does this already? πŸ™‚

    – I’ve just added an option to choose the “up vector” in FollowPath clip and attached it for you here.

    – I will need to really look into this request in detail first to provide an answer for whether or not it is possible πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your kind and positive feedback!

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    Thanks a lot Gavalakis for your response, I am a bit late to answer…

    _ How didn’ I saw these right click options in 3D view…! Can even delete the point,Β  Very nice !

    _ xyw gizmo handles, yes yes yes please !

    _ I tried the FollowPathMod packakge, that works, but… the gimbal-disease “strikes again”… I mean there is orientation issue that occures when X or Y up vector is choosen during path motion. Anyway, it is a good start and I keep my Parent-workaround for now.

    _ The otion of the “Look ahead” would still be great in “AnimateOnPath” because the “FollowPath” Action only allows to start the motion at the begining, finish at the end… Animatable parameter “PositionOnPath” is a great feature but not available with the “FollowPath” Action (not sure if I Am clear…). I realize it is almost a request to a single Universal-Path Action with all options included …? Choosing PositionOnPath/UseConstantSpeed/AnimatedSpeed(does not exists yet), LookAtTargetPosition/LookAhead, UpVector, all in the same ActionClip…

    _ For the Bezier Path bonus request, could be a “simple” import BezierCurveFile system… (Yes I know, easy to say…). Not an urgent request but could be a powerfull/EasyToSet path option.

    _ Something annoying when trying to catch the handle of a point in Curve view, it is like the right gray vertical bar is on top of the point, preventing to select the point… have to move the key toΒ  the left, select the point (then the handle appears) and put it back to the right. Aware of this ? Is it Unity BuiltIn problem?

    Thanks in advance,


    Olivier aka Spoutnix

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    Hello again πŸ™‚

    • No problem πŸ™‚
    • I have just added xyz handles for path point tangents.
    • Yeah, I could probably unify the two clips (FollowPath and AnimateOnPath) with options to choose between various modes.
    • What do you mean by saying “import BezierCurveFile system” as per your bonus request? πŸ™‚
    • Yes, the scrollbar is sitting on top of the keyframe. This is the Unity’s native curve editor and I can’t really do much about it, unless I hide the scrollbar. (maybe show it with a shortcut key pressed down? )


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