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    I’m setting up a fairly simple cutscene where I rotate an object around a central point. Over the course of the cutscene, I want the rotation to speed up and slow down occasionally, for dramatic effect. However, “Rotate By” isn’t cross fade-able, so I end up with stuff like this:

    I can adjust the easing used by the different clips, but it’s pretty difficult to smoothly go from one rotation speed to another, since the curves don’t smoothly connect from one clip to another.

    So what I’m trying to do is rotate something over time, where the RPM of the rotation can gradually change.

    I tried making a cross fading version of Rotate By, but I ran into trouble because Rotate By simply sets the rotation, rather than adding to the rotation, so I couldn’t find a way for two overlapping clips to both contribute to the rotation.

    Is there some other approach I could take here to adjusting rotation speed, while still previewing properly in the editor?


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    Hello there,
    Unfortunately clips like Rotate By (and similar) are not cross-fadable as you found out. That is because the clips are self-contained in what they do (eg rotate the object). That would also be the case if they were “adding” instead of “setting” the rotation however, since the rotation would need to be added on a “reference pose” which would only be able to set/store properly when the clip “enters”. I have already tried turning everything cross-fadeable in the past and it is much harder that is sounds to be honest (and required a heavy refactor to the core if to be done) for such clips such as Rotate By.

    Thus, the best solution right now to achieve what you want, is probably to use the Animate Propertis clip and keyframe the rotation property of the object instead, using curves to fine tune the animation to your heart desire.

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