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    Update: Unfortunately I’m still getting problems with odd mixing behaviour.

    Back to the drawing board…


    Hello again,
    Thanks for the follow up and the link to Spine forums.
    The Spine API is honestly becoming too weird 😛 I will try the linked code you’ve posted to see what the behaviour is like.
    I am sorry I wasn’t able to look at this sooner, but my brother got married recently and I had to invest a lot of time for family matters this month.


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    Hey, no worries! Really good of you to look at it at all to be honest. And congrats to your brother!

    Agreed, the Spine runtime is super complex – at least to me. I’ve mostly just worked around the limitations. In general I’m using their AnimationState to control animations, it’s just occasionally when I want precise control that I use Slate.

    The only thing that gets weird is the blending from one animation to another (and avoiding blending back to the root pose). If I only have one animation on the timeline, it’s all good.


    add m_SkeletonAnimation.Update(0);

    fix when Application Playing spine show not correct bug 2019.8.13

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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