The Complete Guide to SLATE


Follow Path

On top of animating an actor’s position manually or through other means, SLATE also comes with a scene Path editor as well as a relevant Follow Path action clip to move an actor along the path. This can also sometimes prove useful if you want the same path to be used by many different actors for example. Since the Path is an object, it can be referenced by any ActionClip even along different cutscenes.

To create a path, first add the Follow Path clip in a track and then through it’s inspector simply click the “Create New Path” button and a Path object will be created in the scene, which you can then manipulate to your needs.



SLATE also comes with a Pathfinding clip, which will make the actor move to a target position or transform through an automatically generated closest path, which makes much sense for characters. For this clip to work, you need to have a baked Unity NavMesh, but a NavMeshAgent is neither required nor used at all. Like everything else, this is also previewable in the editor.



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