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Adventure CreatorUpdate: April 16, 2019

Add high-end cinematics in your Adventure Creator projects.

Alembic SupportUpdate: April 8, 2017

Add Alembic support to Unity and easy integration within Slate via the Alembic Track.
This package also includes the AlembicImporter library, distributed by UTJ on github.

CaronteFXUpdate: December 22, 2016

Integration with CaronteFX high fidelity physics-based animation tool.

CinemachineUpdate: June 9, 2018

Support for Cinemachine Cameras, kindly distributed by @Anders on the forums.

Dialogue SystemUpdate: May 4, 2016

Two-fold integration with Dialogue System from PixelCrushers, allows to control Slate from Dialogue System as well as vice-versa.
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Final IKUpdate: March 16, 2019

Complete support of IK animation through FinalIK and with realtime editor preview.

FlowCanvasUpdate: March 16, 2019

A single but useful FlowCanvas node that wraps a cutscene functionality and events, making controlling it more direct within a flowscript.

LipSyncUpdate: March 16, 2019

Animate characters talking and emotions with Rogo Digital LipSync and realtime editor preview.

NodeCanvasUpdate: March 16, 2019

Control cutscenes from NodeCanvas without writing a line of code, or control behaviours from within cutscenes.
NEW: Trigger any NodeCanvas action task ever made from within cutscenes!

PlayMakerUpdate: May 6, 2016

Control Cutscenes from PlayMaker or PlayMaker from Cutscenes.

Rendering SupportUpdate: March 19, 2018

Add support for rendering cutscenes to PNG, EXR, MP4 within Slate.
This package also includes the FrameCapturer library, distributed by UTJ on github.

SpineUpdate: April 18, 2019

Full Spine (v3.7) animation software integration with realtime editor feedback.
Thanks to @darkmagicck / StudioGM for initial code posted on the forums.