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Demo Scene: The CoinUpdate: February 28, 2023

Demo showcasing Slate in action. For this demo to work please download the free Unity "Adventure - Sample Game" into a project.
Then please import this package into that project, open up "The Coin" scene, and play the cutscene there!


    CaronteFXUpdate: January 3, 2020

    Integration with CaronteFX high fidelity physics-based animation tool.

    CinemachineUpdate: June 9, 2018

    Community-made extension for Cinemachine Cameras, kindly shared by @Anders on the forums.

    Dialogue SystemUpdate: January 3, 2020

    Two-fold integration with Dialogue System from PixelCrushers, allows controlling Slate from Dialogue System as well as vice-versa.

    Final IKUpdate: September 27, 2023

    Complete support of IK animation through FinalIK with realtime editor preview.

    FlowCanvasUpdate: January 10, 2020

    A single but useful FlowCanvas node that wraps a cutscene functionality and events, making controlling it more direct within a flowscript.

    LipSyncUpdate: January 3, 2020

    Animate characters talking and emotions with Rogo Digital LipSync and realtime editor preview.

    Master AudioUpdate: January 3, 2020

    A collection of Slate clips to control many aspects of Master Audio.

    Midi Player Tool Kit (MPTK)Update: April 16, 2020

    Integration with Midi Player Tool Kit for Unity.

    NodeCanvasUpdate: September 2, 2021

    Control cutscenes from NodeCanvas without writing a line of code, or control behaviours from within cutscenes.
    Furthermore, you can trigger any NodeCanvas action task ever made from within cutscenes!

    PlaymakerUpdate: March 25, 2022

    Control cutscenes from Playmaker or Playmaker from cutscenes.

    Puppet FaceUpdate: February 19, 2022

    Support for PuppetFace made lip-sync with realtime editor preview.

    Rendering SupportUpdate: December 7, 2023

    Add support for rendering cutscenes to PNG, EXR, and MP4 within Slate. (Standard Rendering Pipeline only supported)
    This package also includes the FrameCapturer library, distributed by UTJ on github under the MIT license.

    SALSA LipSync SuiteUpdate: February 9, 2022

    Integration with SALSA LipSync Suite made by Crazy Minnow Studio.

    SpineUpdate: January 3, 2020

    Full Spine (v3.7) animation software integration with realtime editor preview.
    Thanks to @darkmagicck / StudioGM for the initial code posted on the forums.